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We mainly produce the standard and the non-standard ZG40Cr9Si2 type aluminum-dissolving and heat-preservation crucible; ZG30Cr18Mn1 2Si2N, ZG1Cr18Ni9Ti, ZG35Cr24Ni7SiN, ZG40Cr25Ni20 type of heat-treated bottom plates for electric furnaces; Furnace accessories such as pot, tank body, material plate, bracket, guide rail; The hoisting mechanisms, hanger, quenching frame, the material basket, basket, paddle arm, the aluminum-melting crucible, the salt-bath crucible; various types of heat-resistant furnace tube, rust-resistant tube, curved pipe etc. casting steel products. And we can produce parts according to the users requests of material specification and drawings; we can also meet the needs for heat-resistant casting steel parts in the fields of metallurgy, minery, petrochemical, ships, building materials, electric power, light industry, machinery and war industry.

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