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We produce wear parts for brick-making machines, we are well-known for our superior wear- resistant, consistent and stable quality, we helped our customer to increase their products performance, and this has been widely recognized by our customers.
Main customers:
Tiger Machinery (Tianjin) Limited Company: Was wholely invested by the Japanese Tiger Group in August, 2002. Its main business is engaged in producing and selling the concretes product production equipment. Our company provides wear parts for their RM-24, RM-36, RM-48, RM-60, RM-81, RM-100, RM-120 agitation equipment.
Bessel company: from 1904 when the first blocking type brick shaper was produced in the world, they have devoted to designing and making various kinds of concrete blocking equipment. At present Bessel became the biggest blocking brick shaping equipment producer in the world.

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