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Q: What is the meaning of your company's name?
A: The name of our company is LXS in Chinese and LXS in English abbreviation. "L" means to set up; "X" means three gold, representing talent, credibility and renovation; and "S" means getting a success every day. Our company has set up a concept of talent, credibility and renovation, so this will ensure both my company and our clients to obtain success everyday.
Q: What are the client groups of your company?
A: Thanks to my company's brand credibility and team advantages, we have set up long-term and stable supply relation with great many of clients both at home and abroad. Some famous domestic clients are Sany Heavy Industry, Zoomlion Heavy Industry, Beijing D&G Group, XCMG, Liaoyang Construction Road and etc. and some foreign clients are: German, Tanaka and Nikko in Japan, Parker and ACP in England, Marini in Italy etc. Our clients are all over the world.
Q: For what are your products used?
A: They are mainly used for bitumen, cement and stable soil mixing equipments of varied domestic and foreign types, such as excavator, loader, bulldozer, powered coal machine and varied agitator mixer equipments and etc.
Q: What are your main products?
A: They are agitator tank scaleboard and blade of bitumen, cement and stable soil equipments of both domestic and foreign machines of varied types, helical blade of pavers in varied styles, container tooth and shovel blades of excavator, loader and bulldozer and mixings arms of varied mixing agitation tanks as well as high tensile isomerism bolts used as a part of whole set of the above products, and so on so forth.
Q: What is your company concept?
A: Cast key parts and be a first class enterprise. To make China strong, produce extractive cast products.
Q: What are the strong points of your products?
A: Currently my company is primarily producing wearing-proof cast products and researching & developing in succession heat-proofing and corrosion-proof cast products. With quality products, for bitumen blade, quantity of mixing material can reach to more than 30 thousand ton and for cement blade, the mixing quantity can reach to more than 100 thousand tank times. With high dimension accuracy, we have been highly appraised by our clients.
Q: What is the production scale of your company?
A: My company head office is situated in Tianjin High-tech Park with our workshops and accessories suppliers located in JInghai county, having several production lines of resin sand and coal power sand and etc. with a staff of several hundreds. The annual production output is more than 2500 ton.
Q: What is about your after-sales service?
A: Being the same as other products, we are also practicing "Three promise" service on our sold products. We are currently conducting a "one to one" responsible system, namely one staffer is responsible for one client. From the time when signing the order with the client to the time when the product is delivered to the client, the said staffer is to trace the work and communicate with the client at any time, to report the completion status of the order and the transportation status of the shipment in a timely manner till the product is delivered to the client in good quality and quantity.
Q: What is your capability to research and develop new products?
A: Our head office in Park has set up a R & D center and state class Lab to gradually make a breakthrough for high-end wearing-proof, heat-proof and corrosion proof cast products. We have advanced test instruments to conduct spectrum test, metallurgical test, chemical analysis and performance test ad etc. Our technology is quite advanced and the quality is at first class.
Q: Are you able to commit you promise?
A: Our company is able to provide you with services of high quality with low price. Our staff is of a skill team, which will do their best to serve you. We say what we mean. For example, once we promise not to change the price within a certain period for our constant clients, we will insist on the standard no matter how greatly the steel material price increases or how frequently the currency exchange rate changes.
Q: Can you supply you products in a timely manner?
A: Once we sign an order with our client, we will strictly execute the order to deliver the goods within the shortest time, with the highest efficiency and in good quality & quantity. Actually we have delivered the goods ahead of time in most cases. We have been always to do our best to meet the clients' demands.
Q: What is the shortest production cycle of your product?
A: It depends on the technology complexity of the product to be purchased by the client, the quantity of the production procedures and quantity of the order. In case it is a small order with simple technology and procedures, the delivery can be completed in good quality within one day in case the mould is available in hand.
Q: What procedures are necessary for a cast product to be completed from the time when an order is signed to the time when the product is completed for ex-work?
A: In total there are 166 procedures, namely order appraisal, fabrication of mould, sand core, sand box, pre-embedded part, accessory, and test tool, new product test, sand treatment, sculpture, melting, casting clearing, heat-treatment, and warehousing and etc. as well as another 289 procedures in chemistry lab, sand mode lab, spectrum lab, physics lab and etc. So there are in total 455 procedures from order to delivery of the product.
Q: What equipment does your company has?
A: Our company has several product lines of resin sand and powered coal sand with resin sand sculpturing machine, powered coal sand sculpturing machine, big machine sculpturing, small machine sculpturing, sand mixing machine, sand screening machine and other equipments.

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