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LXS is specialized in providing engineering machinery with high standard wear-resistant cast products, which involve dozens of series, such as paver, crusher, grader, cement mixer, asphalt mixer, bulldozer, brick making machine, and coal separator/washer, etc. In addition, LXS can appoint specialists to clients' company or construction site to provide the onsite checkout of product performance and installation & debug, no matter they are at home or aboard. LXS has the following mission.
  • Build "LXS-Chinese brand" established in global market
  • Serve new & old clients and achieve clients' value
  • Develop human culture, protect environment, well operate to assure long-term development
  • With the company's continuous development and maturity, LXS are increasingly aware of strategic significance of corporate sustainable development and social responsibility under such mission. LXS is making its effort for sustainability.
    Research and development
    LXS has applied for and built a state-level lab, and also set up a PhD work-station. LXS has assembled a large number of senior technology experts from well-known scientific research institutions at home and aboard, and trained hundreds of technical backbone. These set up good foundation to make LXS maintain the world-class application level.In addition, LXS expanded for the second phase in 2007 and added two new resin sand casting production lines on the basis of many existing production lines, such as resin sand casting and coal flour sand lines, etc. The company now has hundreds of employees and the annual output is over 2,500 tons.
    Education support
    LXS pay much attention to the selection and cultivation of talents for the purpose of attracting talents. LXS has been sponsoring Project Hope, primary and secondary schools in Jinghai, Tianjin University of Technology, Hebei University of Technology, etc. LXS hopes to make some efforts for the development of education and the cultivation of talents.
    Environment Protection
    In order to achieve sustainable development, LXS has adopted dust removal equipment to reduce damage and pollution of the dust to employees and environment. The state-level R & D lab is also actively researching & developing new nonpolluting materials in order to reduce resource wasting and protect environment besides extending the lifecycle of products.

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