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The product quality is the LXS's lifeline. We have introduced into various international leading inspection instruments and equipments, founded the professional and high-level physics & chemistry Lab, and built the 289 inspections system. Each product will all be strict inspected and controlled level by level. Our goals are for your buying it without any doubts, installing it without any difficulties, using it without any troubles.
The physics & chemistry Lab was established at the early stage of the company in 1995. At that time we conducted some chemistry analysis such as raw material analysis and post-furnace analysis with complete instruments and equipments, such as carbon & sulphur tester and photo-electricity color tester. Thanks to higher skills of our technicians, all useful elements of C, S, P, S, V etc. can be inspected in the raw material such as chrome iron, ferromanganese, silicon iron, raw iron, cast steel and cast magnesium. Physics test: With metallurgical microscope, cast product quality appraisal raw material test, cast product metallurgical analysis after heat-treatment and cast product hardness test by hardness meter can be done to see whether the hardness is in compliance or not.
With the development of the company scale, and in order to meet the increase of the product scales and the further requirements on the clients on the products quality the company has procured high accurate and fast German spike direct reading spectral analysis meter that is able to simultaneously test 10-20 elements in iron and steel within 1-2 minutes and that is all one of the most advanced instruments both at home and abroad.
  • It is either applicable to routine analysis or to furnace fast analysis so as to effectively control product inherent quality from the very beginning.
  • It can be used to test steel materials and components procured by the company, so that necessary measures can be taken in case any problems are found.
  • It has played a good guidance towards the routine production, especially high quality spherical iron for foreign businessman, gaining excellent appraisal from the businessman.
  • The cushion saw impact tester is to test and analyze cast product impact strength. The universal computerized hydraulic tester is mainly used to test tensile strength, press, bending, cutting and etc. of metal materials.
    With the growth of the company, it is still going to procure advance test instruments, learn advanced test experience and is making an application to be awarded as state class lab with great efforts of the lab staff and the company, so as to get a sound foundation for further product research and development as well as product quality improvement.
    LXS is actively planning and applying for Ph.D Work-station on the basis of state-level lab. LXS intends to foster more professional application technology talents engaged in R &D of wear-resistant, heat-resistant, corrosion-resistant products so that they can play important role not only in internal enterprise but in promoting the overall level of China Construction Machinery Accessories industry.
    Wear-resistant Ability Analysis of High Chromium Cast Iron Compared with high manganese steel and Ni-hard cast iron, high chromium cast iron as the third generation of wear-resistant material can better solve the matching problem of material hardness and toughness. The wear-resistant back veneer using high manganese steel and alloy steel materials usually need to be replaced in 1 to 3 years. But high chromium cast iron adds large number of chromium (more than 12%), so the original structure of material (Fe, Cr) 3C namely M3C carbide becomes to a higher intensity (HVl300-HVl800) namely M7C3 eutectic carbide. At the same time, M7C3 carbide forms the network organization of isolated distribution during the solidification process, so that the toughness of high chromium cast iron has been further improved and shows good comprehensive mechanical properties. The construction machinery wear-resistant parts (such as plant leaves, back veneer, stirring arm, etc) produced by our factory all use high chromium wear-resistant cast iron and the average life is more than 5 years.

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