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For a long time, some famous companies have asked LXS to meet their challenged requirements on their product properties. We are capable to accept their challenges since we have been seeking a new route to increase and expand the value of our product ands service, so as to enable our clients to gain more and more successes.

LXS is a leading brand in the field of wearing-resistant cast products for domestic construction machines and it is devoted both in production and research & development. Our success comes from the facts that our staff have provided overflow services provided to our clients, we can meet the requirements of our domestic and international clients as well as we are able to produce, R & D of products with high cost performance.

In order to build my company to be a large international enterprise, we will continue to make a lot of investment, so as to set up a complete set of normative management system and humanized service system, laying a massive foundation for my company' sustainable development. Meanwhile we are to set a state class lab, being devoted on high-tech R & D of wearing-proof, heat-proof, corrosion-proof and etc. products , so as to enable China's manufacturing to be close to that of powerful countries in the world at the most possibility.

We will do our best to let our clients to reduce their cost so as to increase their values in the promise to use our products safely. I am quite proud of my company and I wish you will have a better understanding of LXS by means of our website.

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