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"Lixinsheng (LXS) Advanced Casting Co., Ltd." was founded in 1995, being registered in Liangwangzhuang Village, Jinghai County, Tianjin City. Our management belief is "Cast key factors, build first-level enterprise". After the full exploration in initial phase and the rapid development in recent years, LXS has now become the R&D and production leading brand of domestic wear-resistant castings in engineering machinery field and greatly approved by this industry.
LXS's main business income in 2006 was about $2,205,882 and total profit was $617,647; main business income in 2007 was about $2,941,176 and total profit was $882,352; the expected main business income in 2008 is to be $7,352,941 and total profit is to be $2,205,882. LXS has continually rapidly grown in recent years, and the compound growth rate is stably more than 30%, scale economy and brand reputation have obvious advantages in segment market.
Tianjin LXS is the machine manufacture specializing at high-end "construction machinery parts," and the main products are full series of wear-resistant matching products including construction engineering machinery (including concrete mixing stations, etc.), road machinery (including grader machine, asphalt paver, asphalt mixing station, etc.) Afterwards it will release high-quality heat-resistant, corrosion-resistant products involving in the fields of iron, chemistry engineering, machine, steel production etc.
Our main domestic clients include tens of popular enterprises such as, Sany Heavy Industry Co., Ltd, Changsha Zoomlion Heavy Industry Science & Technology Development Co., Ltd, Xuzhou Construction Machinery Group Co., Ltd, Guangxi Liugong Group Co., Ltd, Dingsheng Tiangong Construction Machinery Co., Ltd and Beijing Ca-Long Engineering Machinery Co., Ltd. Our foreign clients mainly include more than ten of cross-country enterprises, such as The German company, Lintec, Dynapac, French Fayate and American Bessel. LXS's products spread in European & American and Asian heavy engineering machinery market.
The research & manufacture project "high wear-resistant and high obdurability chrome casting iron materials" conducted by LXS was approved in 2005 and successfully got thousands of free donations from Tianjin Science and Technology Commission. Tianjin Science and Technology Commission further applied free donations of "Innovation Funds Projects for Small and Mid-Sized Science and Technology Enterprise".
The general manager Weidong Shi is the main founder of LXS, who follows the theory of "learn to meet practical needs into practice, rejuvenate the country through industry", and has devoted to casting industry for 20 years so as to build LXS into a global top manufacturer in alloy casting industry.

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